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Girls Volleyball

2019 Information

We understand that people may have conflicts with a few of these days and times.  Please email ASAP with conflicts so that we know ahead of time.

Remember, however, that there are WIAA rules about required number of practices before being able to play in games, as well as how many days you may miss in a row before that count restarts at 0.  On days that are two-a-day practices, attendance to both practices are required for attendance to count for those days.

Missing practices for events like Bumbershoot or birthday parties will not be accepted or tolerated this year.  Please plan ahead accordingly.


Student-Athlete Paperwork must be completed and submitted before the Athlete may step foot onto the court.  PHYSICALS must also be up to date.  Find a link to the PAPERWORK below.

Sports Paperwork to Download

Paperwork can be found in digital format by clicking on blue bar. Hard copies can be obtained in the Main Office.

IHS Volleyball Online Store

This will be updated to our new store once it is active.

Varsity w/ Coach Bronson Young 2018

JVC w Coach Aldo Mimbella 2018


Program Director:
Bronson Young,

Varsity Coaching Staff:
Bronson Young,
Juno Cruz,

JV Coaching Staff:
Aldo Mimbella,
Paris Chapman,

JVC Coaching Staff:
Alma Ray,

Volunteer Coaching Staff:
Chanelle Cadot
Rachel Reinhart

Varsity Game Scheudle

Varsity 2019-2020 Game Schdule

JV Game Schedule

JV 2019-2020 Game Schedule

JVC Game Schedule

JVC 2019-2020 Game Schedule

Metro League Calendar

Check out the current Metro League Schedule HERE!

JV w/ Coach Keon Price 2018