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Boys Baseball

2021 Baseball Spirit Wear

The Baseball Spirit to open Feb 14th, 2021!  We have a lot of great apparel available for purchase.  Orders are accepted from Feb 14th through Feb 28th.  Email orders to Andrea Iacolucci


Ingraham Baseball feature in Seattle Times, May 10, 2019

Ingraham Varsity Baseball got a great write-up prior to the Metro Championship Game. See article here.

2021 TRYOUTS start Monday, April 19th

  • Start Time: Immediately after school 
  • Paperwork: All paperwork must be turned in to the Athletic secretary Maria Medina.  If you have already submitted for other sports, you must still complete the additional baseball sheet and hand in. 
  • Day 1: All players will tryout, except those selected to assist with tryouts​​​​​​​
  • Day 2: Varsity & JV will separate
  • Day 3: JV tryouts continued, Varsity candidates scrimmage​​​​​​​
  • Day 3: Rosters posted on Coach Patrick's  office window after Day 3

Ongoing Practice Schedule to be updated. 


Coach Dashawn Patrick (Baseball) Metro League Coach Of The Year Honors!

New to Ingraham Coach Dashawn Patrick was voted Coach of the Year for Metro League for Baseball 2019.

The Rams were runners up to the Metro League title.  Coach Patrick was presented the Coach of the Year Award prior to the start of the Metro League Championship Game on May 10th, 2019.

Great job, Coach!

2019 Varsity

2019 JV

Ingraham Baseball Group Facebook Page

Click on this link to go to the Facebook Group page for Ingraham Boys Baseball and ask to Join the group.

2019 Seniors

Metro League Calendar

Check out the current Metro League Schedule HERE!

2019 Varsity Captains

Frequently Asked Questions -- Baseball

Practice Schedule TBD

TEAM Communication: (To be updated)
The Varsity and JV coaches will communicate directly with the players in person and via text.  If you have any questions please reach out to the IABC Baseball liaison.  

What are the details that I need to know about pre-season workouts?Preseason workouts are led by team captains and usually take place every Monday and Wednesday immediately after school. Meet in the batting cages underneath the football bleachers. Practices typically run ~ 1hr. Bring your glove and athletic clothing, as well as bat and batting gloves if desired.
Preseason weightlifting usually begins in January. Weightlifting happens before school in the Ingraham Weight Room.
Will there be cuts made after tryouts?
This sport is cut (some athletes will be cut and not make the team).  Coaches will determine whether the numbers will support a 3rd JVC team in addition to Varsity and JV.

Equipment athletes should bring to tryouts:
Baseball clothes, molded cleats, glove.  Metal cleats for pitching only, since we are a turf field.

When does the season start and end?
Rams baseball will start in early March, on the first day of Spring sports (March 2, 2020).  Games will begin about 2 weeks later, mid-March.  The regular season usually ends in early May with post-season games following.  

THE TEAM WILL PLAY GAMES DURING SPRING BREAK –please do not plan vacations during that time.

What is the usual practice/game time and locations?
Practices are every day after school ~4:00pm - 6:00pm (TBD) on the baseball field south of campus.  Once games begin, the games will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There are some Saturday practices and some Saturday games.  Games happen at Ingraham (called the Northwest Athletic Complex) and other high schools in the Metro League.

What is the time and location of the parent meeting?
This season's parent meeting will Saturday, March 7th following practice (time TBD)

Is there a website available that lists game schedules, standings, etc?
--- Select 'subscribe' on the top right of the page to enter your
 email address or cell number for updates/alerts.
Is there transportation provided by the school for games played away from school?
If Varsity is scheduled for a home game, JV will play an away game. Players will travel for away games by school bus to or pre-planned carpool.  Parents will need to coordinate with the coach(es) in advance of an away game if their son will not be riding with the team on the bus.

Will the athletes miss any class time due to away games? If so, how is that situation coordinated between teachers and the athletic department?
Away game departure times and home game prep, often result in players leaving school early. With the later school start, school buses are shared among the school district for teams and students. Coaches submit team early dismissal lists through Ms. Huffer and the athletics office, but players MUST be responsible to get their work completed and be aware of what’s due.

How will athletes and parents receive communication about last minute changes regarding games schedules, transportation, rainouts, etc?
Signing up for alerts on the Metro page/Ingraham will allow you to receive notifications from Metro directly. Select 'subscribe' from the top right side of the page
Varsity or JV

What is the expected cost of equipment and/or uniform for each athlete?
Required player items are:
(1) Team Baseball Hat $25
(2) BP Jacket deposit $30 (refunded at the end of the season)
(3) Varsity stirrups if wearing knickers $10  
(4) Varsity 3/4 uniform shirt $10

What equipment does the athlete need to provide?
Players must provide:

  • Protective Cup
  • Glove
  • Regular running shoes
  • Cleats: Hard, molded rubber cleats -OR- turf shoes
    • (‘Suggest’ to keep both metal and rubber cleats in bag for the occasional dirt field; but not mandatory)
  • (Optional) BBCOR high school or collegiate level bats are provided by the team, but personally purchased bats are fine and may be stored in player’s bat bag. Players are not expected to ‘share’ their personal bats.
  • Batting helmet. The team will provide these and assign to each player for the season, but players can provide their own if preferred as long as the color is consistent with the team’s.
  • Water Bottle extra lunch for game days, hearty snack for practice days

What equipment will be provided to the athlete?

  • Baseball pants & belt
  • Game Jersey 

Are there scholarships available to cover uniform and equipment expenses?  Please talk with the coaches and/or the Baseball team liaison if your family needs help obtaining this equipment.  

What are the school and district academic requirements for eligibility?Eligibility/Grades:

  • Must have a 2.0 GPA at grade checks, Friday March 9 is first check
  • Cannot have 2 E’s in one grade check
  • Must have minimum 10 practices in (we will have total of 14 practices before 1st game)
  • Must be in ALL classes game day ( please no Dr. appointments game days if possible)
  • No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol before during or after games or on school premises. Automatic 2 game suspension.

Player Eligibility/Game Suspensions: 5-week suspension if a player does not make grades!

Are there volunteer opportunities available for me to help the team?
Varsity and JV Parent Leads: Volunteer(s) to help support the coaches and players with team communications or other support as needed.

Ingraham Athletic Booster Club: Fundraising and communications arm for all sports at Ingraham. Baseball parents are needed to get involved with this important organization to sustain support for our athletes and coaches. Meetings scheduled as the 2nd Tuesday of the month, meeting in the school library 7-9pm. 

Game Day Food: TBD
Will the team be raising money? If so what will the fundraisers be and how will the money be used?

Rams Pre-Season Baseball Clinic 2016

THANK YOU to all the players, coaches and other helpers who helped with the Rams Pre-Season Youth Baseball Clinic!  

It was a lot of fun and helped raise needed funds for Rams baseball!