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Girls Lacrosse 2020 - Preseason Meeting, Thursday, February 13th!

Ingraham Women’s Lacrosse Parent/Player Meeting

Thursday, February 13 at 7:00pm in the IHS Library.

Come to meet the coaches and captains and get information about our 2020 season! 

2020 Contact Information

Head Coach: Genevieve Kramer-Marion,

Assistant Coach: Sarah Sullivan,

2019 Coaches


Hi Everyone!

Schedule available for Spring 2018 here.

Please keep in mind that these dates may change in the next few weeks, sorry! We will keep you updated!

2019 Captains

2019 Seniors

Metro League Calendar

Check out the current Girls LAX Metro League Schedule HERE!

Equipment needed to play lacrosse:

  1. Lacrosse stick. Please visit the us lacrosse website for a list of legal sticks.
  2. Eyewear/Goggles. Please visit the us lacrosse website for the list of legal goggles
  3. Mouth guard. Colored Mouth Guard that covers upper jaw teeth (must not be clear or white)
  4. Running sneakers and turf cleats (the cleats aren't mandatory but will help in future games)
  5. Appropriate paperwork. Please visit the IABC website for the paperwork that needs to be filled out by the end of the first week of practice.

To learn more about the lacrosse club team:

Please visit the WSLA website. There you will learn about regulations, rules, equipment, etc.

IHS JV Club Lacrosse Schedule

For the 2018 Ingraham Lacrosse Schedule, please visit the wsla website.

2019 Girls' LAX

(NOT CURRENT) Info and Events!

Seattle Bouldering Project

Team bonding! Please take the survey so we know when the most people can make it. And if you have other ideas put them in the "other" box!


Here are the TWO packets you must fill out to play this season! 

Parent Player Meeting: IHS Library February 9th at 7 pm

- Meet with Coach Becker, Captains Anna, Serena, and Emma, Treasurer/Parent Volunteer Dana, and Team Coordinators Amy and Katie. 

- Paperwork will be handed out along with order forms for team sweatshirts and t-shirts. If you could come with your checkbook, that would be awesome!

- Parents will be introduced to awesome volunteer opportunities and a sneak peak into our season

First Day of Practice: Monday, February 27th

2018 Seniors