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Adam Johnson, Head Coach,

Laurie Reddy,  Coach,

Jaree Redmond, Coach,

Dexter Dare, Coach,

Michael Davis,

Jamal Fairman,

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Coaches 2018-19

Metro League Calendar

Check out the current Metro League Schedule HERE!


If you are going to miss or be late to a practice, notify your coach in advance either in person or by email.

Captains 2018-19


  • Must have a 2.0+ gpa at grade checks
  • Cannot have 2 E's in one grade check
  • Must have a minimum of 10 practices before the first game. (we will have a total of 14 practices before the first game)
  • Must be in ALL classes game day(Please try not to schedule appointments on game days).
  • No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol before, during, or after games or on school premises. Automatic 2 game suspension.
  • Player Eligibility/Grade Suspensions: 5 week suspension if player does not make grades!

Varsity 2018-19

JV 2018-19