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Sue Schoolcraft, Matthew Gates, Sarah Cooke and Jennifer Dailey - coaches


Head Coaches:  

Head Coach:  Sue Schoolcraft,

Asst Coach:  Matthew Gates,

Asst Coach:  Sara Cooke,

Dive Coach:  Ed Artis,

Team Parents:

 * Dan Lavin

    *Anneke Hagen

    *Yvonne York

Metros Update

Fantastic first day of Metros today!  Lots of best times and many finals qualifiers!  Warm ups start at 2:30 tomorrow and racing starts at 3:30.

The following boys are swimming or need to be prepared to swim :

Max Torres

Darbhi Darvalsula

Jackson Bottenberg

Graham Robinson

Sam Rea

Oliver Wilkins

Ethan Gaisser

Nicholas Lee

Miles Dailey

Lukas Hagen

Matthew Ryan

Ian Steihl

IHS Boys Swim 2017-2018 (not all members present)

IHS Boys Swim 2017-2018 (not all members present)

Practice Times

Location:  Madison Pool

Mon- Thurs   6:45am- 8:30am
Friday                7:00am-8:30am

Huge shout out to Jack Hallonquist for qualifying for districts in diving yesterday.  Great work Jack!

First meet of the 2016-2017 season vs Franklin

IHS vs Franklin Winter 2016-2017

Frequently Asked Questions -- Swimming

(updated Nov 2017)

What equipment and/or uniform is needed for each athlete for swimming?

Swimmers will need to provide their own swim suit and goggles for practice. Swim caps with the Ingraham logo will be available. We will  be ordering team suits during the first weeks of practice. Buying a team suit is recommended, but not required.


Will the team be raising money? If so what will the fundraisers be and how will the money be used?
Not likely for 2017, but stay tuned.
Are there volunteer opportunities available for me to help the team?
There are many volunteer opportunities available! Swim meets require many volunteers in order to function properly. Most of the jobs can be easily learned the day of the meet. 
If you have experience being a Stroke and Turn Official, and would like to use your expertise at the swim meets, please let the coach know!
What is the time and location of the parent meeting?
The Parent Meeting was held November 21st 2017 at the IHS Auditorium.  Information from the meeting is in the "2017 Boys Aquatics" document on this team page. 
How will athletes and parents receive communication about additional practices, meet schedules, transportation, etc?
This will be our main communication tool.  Please visit this site often.  Team parents will also send a weekly email with updates.
Is there a website available that lists game schedules, standings, etc?

SCHEDULE INFORMATION:  first meet is Friday December 1 vs Ballard at Ballard pool.


What are the school and district academic requirements for eligibility?

o Must have a 2.0 GPA at grade checks, date of 1st grade check TBD
o Cannot have 2 E’s in one grade check
o Must have minimum 10 practices in (we will have total of 14 practices before 1st meet)
o Must be in ALL classes meet day ( please no Dr. appointments meet days if possible)
o No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol before during or after games or on school premises. Automatic 2 game suspension.

Player Eligibility/Meet  Suspensions: 5-week suspension if a player does not make grades!


Will there be cuts made after tryouts?

This sport is no-cut (ALL athletes who tryout make the team),

Equipment athletes should bring to outs.

Swim Suit
Swim Cap (Optional)
What is the usual practice time and locations?

Practices will be held Monday through Thursday from 6:45 am -8:30 am and Friday 7:00 am -8:30 am.   Certain holidays will have a practice scheduled. All Practices will be held at Madison Pool.

Swim Meet vs Cleveland, Friday January 19,2018

Date:  Friday, January 19th, 2018

Time: Meet starts at 4pm

Place: Madison Pool

Ingraham is hosting the meet. Please come and show your support for the Ingraham Boys Swim Team!