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2020-21 Golf Info

Season Dates: February 22 thru April 17, 2021

Practice Days/Times: M-F 4-6 pm Meet at Jackson Golf Course putting green.
We practice at the golf range short course and big course.
We putt and chip on the practice greens.

What to Bring: Water Bottle and Face Mask, clubs

0 Practices required prior to competing

Two Rams make it to Fall 2018 District Golf Tourney

Joe Ingham and Ryan Mansisidor from Ingraham Golf competed at the SeaKing 3A District Tournament on Oct 23 at Riverbend Golf Complex in Kent. 

Ryan finished 41st with a round of 83 and Joe 50th with a round of 85. Congrats for qualifying and competing for Ingraham!


We practice M, Tu, Th, F from 4 - 6:15pm.  Weds are from 2:45 - 5pm.

All practices at Jackson golf course.

Approximately 10-11 golf matches per season.

We practice at the golf range on both courses short course and big course.

We putt and chip on the practice greens and we have great competition at practices and great fun.


Coach: Jon Calderwood


Text - 206-832-6240


Team Parent Fall 2019:  Patrece Mansisidor


Metro League Calendar

Check out the current Metro League Schedule HERE!


Frequently Asked Questions -- Golf

(updated Fall 2015)

Can Parents walk the course to see the players?

Yes, Must stay 30 yards behind. No coaching or interaction with the players. You can help locate a lost ball. If you want to provide food or provisions please give it to Jon and he will give it to the player.

What is the usual practice time and locations?

Practices are held at Jackson Park Golf Course and Puetz Golf's driving range (on Aurora)

Tryout Dates(s) and Time(s):

Players turn out for practice in August.  There are no official try-out dates.

Equipment athletes should bring to tryouts.

Players bring their own clubs to all practices.

Will there be cuts made after tryouts?

This sport is no-cut, but only the top players participate in varsity matches and the Metro tournament.  

What are the school and district academic requirements for eligibility?


Must have a 2.0 GPA at grade checks

Cannot have 2 E’s in one grade check 

Must be in ALL classes game day (please no Dr. appointments game days if possible)

No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol before during or after games or on school premises. Automatic 2 game suspension.

Player Eligibility/Game Suspensions: 5-week suspension if a player does not make grades!

Will the athletes miss any class time due to away games? If so, how is that situation coordinated between teachers and the athletic department?

Varsity players will miss some, and occasionally all, of 6th period for matches.  Players who qualify for the Metro tournament will miss one or two days of school, with the permission of their teachers.  Students are responsible for getting assignments from their teacher(s) and keep up with all classwork.

Is there a website available that lists game schedules, standings, etc?

Schedule information can be found at

Check back regularly, as the schedule can change.

How will athletes and parents receive communication about last minute changes regarding games schedules, transportation, rainouts, etc?

The coach will text players with any updates.

What is the time and location of the parent meeting?

Parent meeting is not yet scheduled.

Are there volunteer opportunities available for me to help the team?

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the coach or Team Parent.  In the past we have had volunteers work with players at the driving range, and drive players to matches.  The IABC Liaison, or Team Parent, maintains the golf page on this site and attends monthly IABC meetings.  

Will the team be raising money? If so what will the fundraisers be and how will the money be used?

The golf team has not done fund raising, but this is certainly an option.  Funds raised should go to the IABC golf account and are tax deductible.  Contact the Team Parent or IABC for more information. 

What is the expected cost of equipment and/or uniform for each athlete for golf?

Varsity players will be provided with team shirts, which will be returned at the end of the season.  They will need khaki slacks and/or shorts for matches.  There are currently no additional fees for the golf team.  

New Uniforms for 2017!

New shirts & jackets (embroidered with a student-designed crest).
Bucket hats (also with the golf crest) will be available for purchase.  Players will receive one hat at no charge and additional hats will be $20.  
Thank Ann Weber for all your efforts in seeing this through!