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Girls Swim 2019


Head Coach:  Jen Dailey,

Dive Coach:  Ed Artis,

Team Parents: 

  • Julia Bacharach, (website)
  • Darren Carnell, (parent volunteers)
  • Esther Kim, (IABC rep)

Metro League Calendar

Check out the current Metro League Schedule HERE!

2020/21 Swim and Dive Schedule

Girls' Swim & Dive for the 20-21 school year has been moved to Season 3, March 1 to May 1., 2021. The schedule will allow for a 7-week competition schedule and a 1 week culminating event. See for known details.

If your child is interested in joining the team, please contact Darren (email address to the left) to be added to the mailing list. Email will be the most timely way of getting you information.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of information available on this website, such as a pre-season communication that Coach Sue sent to swimmers in 2019 and the 2019 parent letter. 

For your future reference - 

Girls need 10 practices before the first swim meet (WIAA rules).  YOU CANNOT GET IN THE WATER UNLESS YOUR PAPERWORK IS IN.

Practice Schedule - Practices will be at Helen Madison pool (next to Ingraham).  

Practices (assuming a "normal schedule") include swimming and dryland work and are: Monday - Thursday:  6:45 am - 8:30 am & Friday 7:00 am - 8:30 am

Dual meets (begin at 4pm, swimmers in the water at 3:30), on Fridays afternoons. 2020 schedule will be posted when available.

Below are three links to documents from Coach Jen, on open water swim safety, open water swim workouts, and pool workouts. None are required, just a resource for anyone who wants swim training ideas. Dryland page will follow.


2020 Metro, District and State qualifying times

Follow link for State times (we are 3A) - full list of times for Metros, Districts and State for 2019 available below. 2020 qualifying times are not yet available. This will be updated once available.


Frequently Asked Questions -- Swimming

(updated Summer 2020)
What equipment and/or uniform is needed for each athlete for swimming?

Swimmers will need to provide their own swim suit and goggles for practice. An Ingraham swim cap will be given to everyone on the swim team. Swimmers are expected to purchase a team suit and t-shirt. Scholarships available if needed. 

Will the team be raising money? If so what will the fundraisers be and how will the money be used?
Not likely but stay tuned....
Are there volunteer opportunities available for me to help the team?
At the home meets it is our responsibility to provide timers.  We typically need 12 timers (2 per lane), 1 head timer, and 1 starter.  
In addition, we ask parents to provide snacks for the IHS team. There are about 40 team members.  The suggested snack items are: fruit, carrots, or pretzels.  If  each person can bring enough for 10 girls, we need 4 people to provide each item.  
Date and time of the parent meetings?
Check the IABC for details.
How will athletes and parents receive communication about last minute changes regarding meet schedules, transportation, etc?
We will use a variety of methods - this calendar, FB, Instagram and emails to the swimmers. 
Is there a website available that lists game schedules, standings, etc?


Will the athletes miss any class time due to away games? If so, how is that situation coordinated between teachers and the athletic department?
Due to time constraints at all the public pools in Seattle, we will miss some school. The coach is responsible for excusing the absence. For meets at Madison, girls stay in class until 3:15.
What are the school and district academic requirements for eligibility?

o Must have a 2.0 GPA at grade checks, Friday March 8 is first check
o Cannot have 2 E’s in one grade check
o Must have minimum 10 practices in (we will have total of 14 practices before 1st meet)
o Must be in ALL classes game day ( please no Dr. appointments game days if possible)
o No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol before during or after games or on school premises. Automatic 2 game suspension.

Player Eligibility/Game Suspensions: 5-week suspension if a player does not make grades!

Is this a no-cut sport?

Traditionally, this sport is no-cut (ALL athletes who tryout make the team), BUT Covid restrictions may lead to a limited team size and cuts. Stay tuned.

What is the usual practice time and locations?

Helene Madison Pool 

Monday - Thursday:  6:45 am - 8:30 am & Friday 7:00 am - 8:30 am

Sports Paperwork -- Ingraham High School

Click here to go to the Sports Paperwork that needs to be completed BEFORE the you can participate! Forms can be turned at the IHS office. You must also pay the activites fee (ASB - $50 in 19-20) which covers all sports for the 20-21 school year. Thank you!

Sports Paperwork Online Portal

New this year (2020), you can turn the paperwork in online. Follow the link to the SPS portal.

Diving! Get started now

If you have ever considered diving, now is the time to get started. Coach Ed Artis works with students throughout the year, not just during our fall season (but please make sure that you are complying with WIAA rules around coaching - we can help you if you have a question). Practice times are as follows (expect that the first 1/2 hour is dryland):

Monday - Queen Anne pool: 6:30-8:00 pm.

Tuesday - Rainier Beach pool: 6:30-8:00 pm.

Wednesday - Queen Anne pool: 6:30-8:00 pm.

Thursday  - Evans/Greenlake pool: 6:30-8:00 pm (only during HS season and closed for most of the 2020 season)

Friday - (by invite only) Queen Anne 7-8pm

Saturday  - Queen Anne 10-11:00 am / Rainier Beach 6-8:00 pm

contact:  Ed Artis

You can simply show up and Ed will help with the rest.  He requests you plan to attend twice (at least) each week to get the most out of the program.

Pre-Season communication