Not a Full-Time Student at Ingraham?

Students Not Enrolled Full-time at Ingraham, Newly Transferred 10th, 11th and 12th Grade Students or Exchange Students will need to fill out additional forms and provide grades from previous school. Questions? Email Athletic Director Traci Huffer at or Athletic Secretary, Maria Medina at

Students are required to complete a WIAA contract if they do not attend the school full-time. These forms can be found at the WIAA website (scroll down to find the eligibility form applicable to your situation). See below for specific information.

Other steps you may be required to complete, depending on your situation:

  1. Confirm your neighborhood school by using the "Address Look Up Tool".
  2. For out of district athletes: Guardian/student completes SPS Online Enrollment Once enrolled, please contact the Athletics Department Secretary, Maria Medina at 206-252-3889.
  3. Provide proof of Ingraham ASB fee purchase
  4. Provide your most current semester grades to the Athletics Department Secretary, located in the Main Office.

Running Start

If you are enrolled in Running Start, please complete the WIAA Running Start Contract on the WIAA website. Return the Running Start contract to the Athletics Dept. Secretary located in the Main Office.

Print your class schedule, and return the Running Start contract and a copy of your schedule to the Athletic Assistant, located in the Main Office.

Other Off-Campus Classes/Private School

If you are enrolled in any off-campus classes, please complete the Alternative Education Contract on the WIAA website. Print your class schedule, and return to the Athletics Department Secretary in the main office.

Home School

If you are home schooled, please complete the Home Based Education School Contract on the WIAA website. Print your class schedule, and return to the athletic office.


Grade checks are run throughout each sports season. Please provide a copy of previous semester grades at the beginning of the sports season and most recent quarter grades as you receive them. Failure to provide grades may make you ineligible for competition.

If you attend any other school for ANY classes, you must provide the Athletic Department with your grades from that school.