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IHS Sports Paperwork

Sports Forms Have Moved Online!

Beginning with fall 2020, athletics forms have moved online:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Parents/Guardians create an account with FinalForms, enter student information, select sports, and complete all required athletics forms. 

  2. After parents/guardians have completed the forms, the student athlete will receive an email with instructions to log in and sign the forms that require student signatures.

  3. Sports physicals Sports physical forms are required to be completed once every two years and must be valid through the end of the sports season. The FinalForms site includes  a sports physical form you can print and take to your physician. After it has been completed and signed by a physician, scan or photograph it and upload through your FinalForms account.

  4. Payments All student athletes are required to purchase an ASB card for the year ($50/$25 club sport only/$25 free and reduced price lunch eligible). Payment can be made via SchoolPay on the Source). Club sports may have additional fees: check directly with the team.

For information about what to submit for "club" sports except Ultimate Frisbee, (e.g. lacrosse, water polo) talk to your coach, as the paperwork will be specific to your team.