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IHS Sports Registration

How to Register a Student to Play a Sport

PARENTS:  Register your Student(s) for Sports using Final Forms:

For Sport Fees, $50

For Club Sport Fees, $25

Student are allowed to sign up for one (1) WIAA sport per season. Plus a club sport.  WIAA Sports require enrollment in 4 or more classes with a minimum gpa of 2.0 and on track to graduate.  10th -12th GRADE STUDENTS NEW TO INGRAHAM will need to meet briefly with Athletic Director Traci Huffer

WIAA Fall Season:           Football begins  August 17 thru Dec 3                
All other WIAA Fall Sports begin 8.22.22
Cross Country, Football, Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Girls Swim, Co-Ed Golf,                                  
I.H.S. Club Sports:  Boys Ultimate, Cheer, Water Polo

WIAA Winter Sports:      Girls Bowling begins 10.31 –2.4.23                        
All other WIAA Winter Sports begin 11.14.22
Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Swim, Girls Gymnastics, Co-Ed Wrestling, Girls Bowling
I.H.S Club Sports:   Mixed Ultimate, Special Olympics Basketball

WIAA Spring Sports:       2.27 – 5.27.23       
Boys Baseball, Girls Fastpitch Softball, Boys Soccer, Girls and Boys Track & Field, Co-Ed Tennis   
I.H.S. Club Sports:  Girls Ultimate, Unified Soccer, Girls Water Polo, Girls & Boys Lacrosse, Spec Olympics Track

  • Parent/guardian will create a parent account and will give Student access to sign forms.
  • Student will use a personal email ( and not their District issued email.
  • Forms must be complete before tryouts. Parent and student signatures are required. 

FinalForms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year, making the registration process quick and easy. Athletes may register for multiple seasons at the same time. Additionally, users may log in at any time to update information including emergency medical contacts. Users will be required to sign forms once per year and any time an update is made.

Click through the tabs below for detailed information and instructions about registering for sports.

NOTE: Final Athletic Clearance from the Athletic Office is required prior to participating in a sport. Sports Physical Forms (completed, signed by physician and stamped with clinic name) are to be uploaded into your FinalForms account.

Club Sports

For information about what to submit for "club" sports except Ultimate Frisbee, (e.g. lacrosse, water polo) talk to your coach, as the paperwork will be specific to your team.