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9th Annual Champions Breakfast 2019 - Fri, Oct 11, 7 am

"Battle of the Sexes" reenacted by Tennis team

"Battle of the Sexes" reenacted by Tennis team

About the Breakfast of Champions

The Ingraham High School Breakfast of Champions is sponsored by the Ingraham Athletic Booster Club (IABC).  FUNDS RAISED at the Breakfast of Champions are used to purchase equipment and provide support to sports teams.  The IABC has distributed more than $130,000 to our teams since our inception in 2011!

Ingraham prides itself on unwavering accessibility and equal opportunity to participate in sports for all students. Our competitive spirit grows with our inclusiveness.  

Funds raised at the breakfast are used for the entire athletics program.  If you designate a team on the check-out page, half of your ticket price will be directed to that teams fund.

Please plan to join us every October for a morning of fun, community-building and fundraising for all of Ingraham High School Athletics programs!

DONATE to the booster club!

If you cannot attend the Champion's Breakfast, but want to donate to the booster club or a specific team? Click on blue box below to get started and THANK YOU!!

Alternately, paper checks (no service fees!) can be mailed to:

IABC Treasurer, Ingraham High School, 1819 N 135th St, Seattle, WA 98133
Checks payable to:  IABC

If this is a donation for a specific team(s), write team name in the check Memo line, please.

IABC is a 501(c)3 non-profit. 

Click blue text box to register/buy tickets for the breakfast

2017 champions breakfast

Thank You for Coming to the Ram Pride Champions' Breakfast!

Jeremy Taiwo speaks to Champions' Breakfast audience

Thank you parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, families, supporters for coming to the 7th annual breakfast. 

Many claps and much appreciation to our keynote speaker:

Jeremy Taiwo

US Olympic Decathlete, for sharing his inspiring message about the importance of community, hard work, goals, education, family, and recounting his recent memories from the last Olympics. 

Another thank you to our emcee, MJ McDermott, whose professional and good humor always puts us in a good mood.

Thank you to all of the student athletes from IHS teams who came at 6:30 am to contribute to this breakfast on their day off from school.

Thank you to our sponsors (see below!) of the booster club website and this event. 
Thank you to all of our breakfast team volunteers and there are many!
Event is Sponsored by the Ingraham Athletic Booster Club

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If you weren't able to attend, the 6th annual Champions' Breakfast on Stormwatch Friday, October 14, 2016, that is unfortunate, because it was really fun. Our keynote speaker, Sports Medicine doctor, Jonathan Drezner, M.D., gave a thoughtful message on the topic of keeping sports in perspective in our kids' lives but also to value the positive lifelong impacts that participation can offer.

If you could not attend, but would like to make a donation to the Athletic Boosters,  you can still make a donation through the link on the Home Page of the website.