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Boys Basketball


Metro League Boys Basketball

Metro League Schedule and Information here


Head Coach:  

Malcolm Mack
(509) 675-8549

Asst. Coach:  

Chris Harrison
(206) 473-1445

JV Coach:  

Joe Hardy
(570) 204-4197

Parent Liaison: 

Michele Flannell

Frequently Asked Questions

(updated November 2016)

Are there volunteer opportunities available for me to help the team?
Absolutely!  Please contact Coach Mack or the team parent if you are interested in getting involved.
I am new to Ingraham, where can I find more general information about the team and how to get involved with Ingraham Athletics?
Contact the team parent  and/or get involved with IABC (Ingraham Athletic Booster Club).  More details at the IABC portion of this site.
What is the usual practice time and locations during the season?
2017-18 Boys Varsity and JV practices are to be determined, but will likely from about 5:00 to 7:00 pm.  This school year will be a bit later due to the later start time. 
When are tryouts?
Tentatively, Monday, November 13, and Tuesday, November 15.  Times will be posted on the team calendar.  

What should I bring to tryouts?
All-white t-shirt that athlete can write number on with sharpie

  • dark shorts
  • basketball shoes
  • water bottle

NOTE: Basketball shoes are required during tryouts, practices and games.  When buying new shoes, please try to get shoes that are primarily Ingraham colors (royal blue and white) to coordinate with the team’s uniforms.

What are the school and district academic requirements for eligibility?

  • Player must have a 2.0 GPA at grade checks
  • Player cannot have 2 E’s in one grade check
  • Player must participate in a minimum of 10 practices
  • Player must be in ALL classes on game day ( please no Dr. appointments game days, if possible)
  • No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol before during or after games or on school premises. Automatic 2 game suspension.

Player Eligibility/Game Suspensions: 5-week suspension if a player does not make grades!

Will the athletes miss any class time due to away games? If so, how is that situation coordinated between teachers and the athletic department?
Students will be excused from the classes they may miss due to travel.  All traveling students will be given a reminder to give to their teachers the day before competition in regards to them missing class.

Is there a website available that lists game schedules, standings, etc?
The best source of up-to-date schedule information during the season is the metro league website.  

How will athletes and parents receive communication about last minute changes regarding games schedules, transportation, etc?
All coaches will communicate by email, text messages, or by phone call.