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Girls Ultimate

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Welcome to Rams Ultimate!

Ultimate is a fast-paced team sport that requires excellent throwing skills and immense stamina and agility. Ultimate is self-officiated by the players and this relies on "Spirit Of The Game," a tradition in ultimate which values sportsmanship and encourages fair play. Ultimate is an intense sport but also very newcomer friendly.

  • Want to learn more? Contact one of the parent reps in the Contact Information section
  • Mixed teams play in the Winter. See page here.
  • Girls teams play in the Spring. See page here for more details.
  • The Boys team plays in the fall. You are on the Boys Team page now.


Boys Team Parent Rep: Sarah Fuelling (

Boys Head Coach: Ben Snell

Girls Team Parent Rep:  Mark Jewett (

Girls Head Coach: Heather Ann Brauer

IABC Team Liaisons:  Kelli Derrig ( & Kara Diane Palmer (