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Boys Soccer

Upcoming events & dates & notes relevant to boys' soccer:

Captains' Practices will be on Fridays until tryouts and begin this Friday, January 19th, after school at 4 pm. Bring cleats, shin guards, water bottle. See Coming Events on this page, or go to the website calendar. (make sure you have Boys Soccer 2018 Season selected in the Show Tags menu at bottom right of the calendar)

  • if you aren't sure if you need a physical exam to participate in sports, ask Ms. Medina. She is located in the main office. Ask her nicely when your last physical was that is on file with the sports paperwork, and she can tell you if you need a new physical before tryouts/soccer season.
  • all paperwork for Boys' Soccer needs to be submitted before tryouts! Tryouts begin on Monday, February 26th, right after mid-winter break!
  • IHS Sports paperwork is available on this website here
  • If you don't have an ASB card, you will need to get one.
  • Physicals can be scheduled in the Teen Health Center at school. 
  • Please sign up for the Nick of Time Heart Screenings at Ingraham on February 6th. A $25 donation is suggested, but not required. The heart screening is to find undetected/unknown heart defects that can save lives! Info on the event is on the Home Page of this website.

We are interviewing for a new Head Coach for the Boys' Soccer program at Ingraham on January 16th. The coach will be announced sometime afterward. There is paperwork, screenings, etc, so it's not immediate.

If you are wondering, our former head coach from last year, Teddy Mitalas had to resign as he has a new day job in Mukilteo and realized he is unable to make it to Ingraham in time for soccer trainings.

Any questions about this position can be directed to our Athletic Director, Traci Huffer

Ingraham Boys Soccer Facebook Page

NEW PLAYERS - Ask to join the Ingraham Boys' Soccer Team Page. This is a private group, intended for players only, managed by the captains. You must ask permission to join this group in FB. Click title to go to link.

Heart Screening - 1 day Event Coming to Ingraham on Feb 7th!

Soccer parents & players -

Please take advantage of this important and unique opportunity to have your high school athlete get a heart screening. 

Young people are not normally screened for heart issues unless a problem has presented itself in an obvious way. Heart issues can be undetected in young people, but can be life-saving if diagnosed and treated.  The last time Ingraham hosted this event, we had 2 students identified for follow-up with a cardiologist. One had surgery to fix a previously undetected heart issue. 

This program is free for all, please acquire the paperwork here and fill out and turn into the main office. $25 donations are requested to fund the program so that they can keep screening high school-age kids. 


Captain led training sessions begin on Friday, January 19th at 4pm, after school on the stadium field. 

Start your conditioning NOW, by going for runs, getting stamina up if you've not been active lately.  Coach will want to start working on strategy  when the season starts, not spend valuable training time on conditioning that you can be doing on your own time.  If you aren't sure where to run, talk to some of the kids on the XC team who run all over the place.


2018 Head/Varsity Coach: TBD 

JV Coach: TBD

JV Asst Coach: TBD

JVC Coach: TBD

Student Managers: Sophia Dowling & Sheila Pippin

Boys Soccer Team Parent/Contact: Jen Fallon,

2018 Metro League Schedules Posted for Varsity & JV

The schedules are posted on the Metro League site. They are also posted here on this website, by team, on the Game Schedule tab.

The JV-C schedule is always late to be posted because schools aren't sure if they'll have a JV-C team until after tryouts, which are Feb 26, 27, 28. 

Metro League Calendar here

The team schedules are posted on this website by team. You can check/verify the Metro League schedules at this link. Click 'Schedule' under 'Ingraham Boys Soccer'. Make sure you are looking at the correct team (Varsity/JV/JVC) schedule.


When are tryouts?  Tryouts begin on the first practice day allowed by the WIAA (WA Interscholastic Activities Association) for the season.  In 2017, the first day of spring sport tryouts is Monday, February 27th.

What should I be doing in the pre-season?

1.  If you're new to Ingraham soccer and haven't already given your contact info to the coach or captains, please make sure the captains or the managers know you are interested in playing before tryouts, so they can start looking at numbers and to get to know you!

2.  Attend Captains' Training Sessions - see Boys' Soccer website home page for details, but FB page has last-minute changes posted by players as they hear about them.

3.  Players, join the team’s Facebook page. Go to Facebook and enter "Ingraham Boys' Soccer Team" in the search. Click the "Join" button. Current varsity captains manage the membership of this private group of current players and alumni.

4.  Players and parents, please continue to check this website and the boys soccer pages every now and then for new info and announcements. If something on the site needs to be updated, please email if you do not know who else to ask.

5. Get a physical if needed. Players are required to have a physical every 24 months before they can attend tryouts. Physical forms are available in the office or online (here).  The form, signed by your doctor, becomes part of the spring sports paperwork to be turned in before tryouts. You can also arrange to get a free physical at the Ingraham health center. If you are unsure if your physical is current, you can ask Maria Medina in the main office to tell you what they have on file.

6. Keep your grades up!  Players are required to have at least a 2.0 GPA to participate and grades are checked before every game.  It is no fun for you or your teammates if you can’t play because you let your grades slip.  
How many teams are there?  There are 3 teams: Varsity, Junior Varsity, JVC.  Players will know which team they are on by the end of tryouts.   

Are there cuts?  Maybe, and maybe not.  It is hard to say without knowing how many players show up at tryouts.  

When and where are practices?  High school sports are five days a week (occasionally six) so when you don’t have a game, you have a practice.  Practices are after school at Ingraham. 

Who and where do we play?  IHS competes in the Metro 3A league. There are 16 Metro schools. For soccer, the teams are divided into the Metro and Sound divisions, each consisting of 8 teams.  We play each team in the league once. Generally, the JV plays the same team but at home when varsity is away and vice versa. Varsity home games are at Ingraham Stadium, JV home games are at Ingraham fields north. The JVC teams have a unique schedule because not all schools have a JVC team to play.

What is the post-season schedule?  The top five teams in both the Mountain and Sound Divisions qualify for the Metro Tournament.  The 4th and 5th seeded teams have a first round game.  The games are played at the home field of the 4th place team.  Brackets are posted on the Metro League site at the time.

When does the season end? The season ends early-May. If varsity qualifies for post-season play, trainings and games may continue for another 2-3 weeks. JV & JVC teams do not have post-season play.

Is transportation to games provided?  The district provides budget for some transportation. With this year’s change in school start times, bus schedules are a bit haywire.  Once the game schedule is out, the coaches work with the Athletic Director to figure out transportation.  It is almost a certainty that there will not be a bus available for every away game for each team.  Once teams are formed, parent volunteers act as carpool coordinators to be sure every player has a ride to/from games.  JVC games are often parent-provided rides. (Not saying it’s great, it’s just how it is.)

Snacks/Meals?  We are working on a plan to make sure that all players will have access to a light pre-game snack, like a high-quality energy bar. We may ask for support in purchasing a cache of these bars. This is still in the idea stage. In past years, we’ve asked parents to volunteer to bring a snack, but that hasn’t had much participation and the need for pre-game fuel has gone unfulfilled.

How much does it cost?  Besides getting the ASB card, (ASB = Associated Student Body), which is $50 in 2016-17, there will be nominal team fees.  This year players are asked to buy a hoody & warm-up tshirt for $39. This is  mandatory for varsity & jv.  We seek to provide scholarships for players who need support.

DONATIONS to Boys Soccer

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Boys Soccer program, you can!


Write check out to "IABC" for the general fund. This supports all sports at the school. 

OR to donate to the Boys Soccer program, make check payable to: 

IABC - Boys Soccer  

If the donation is going toward a specific request, e.g. uniforms, please write that in the memo line.

Mail check to:

IABC Treasurer
Ingraham High School 
1819 N. 135th St
Seattle, WA 98133


Please provide your address, so that a receipt can be mailed to you.

If your company provides matching, we can work with this, but I am not sure how. Please direct any questions to:

Parents who can support team with their time...

There will be a great opportunity to connect and figure out needs at the Parent/Coach meetings on March (maybe the 6th- still TBD). Please plan to come. If you cannot make the meeting, you can reach out to me, Jen Fallon, at or your player's coach.

In your message, let me know which team your son on and what kinds of help you may be willing to offer, such as...

  • Drivers to/from matches? This will be especially important for JV-C matches. 
  • Coordinating or providing match-day carb & protein snacks for players (team would have to decide how to handle financing this or if parents just take this on voluntarily),
  • Photographer during matches
  • Getting involved with the Ingraham Athletic Booster Club (talk to Jen Fallon on this) as a representative for Boys Soccer
  • Helping to organize the end of season team gathering
  • Helping to communicate with parents as an editor of the Boys Soccer Team Page on this website
  • Other ideas or offers? 

Mostly, the coaches keep it all running on their own, with the help of the student team managers, but the teams could benefit greatly from having more parental involvement and support.   Thanks!

Jen Fallon, mom of Paul Fallon, 10th grade